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家庭繽FUN嘉年華 - 10月15日 (星期日)


"Family Harmony" will host a "Family Fun Fair" on 10/15 (Sunday) from 2pm to 5:30pm in Chinatown. In addition to providing a fun afternoon to our children, youths and parents, our main goal is for them to bring home the true value of a family. Activities include Puppet Shows, voting for our Youth Writing Contest, Games, Art & Crafts, Art Exhibition and many gifts. It is a free bilingual event (English and Chinese) and all are welcome !

「和諧家庭協進會」將於10月15日 (星期日) 下午二時到五時三十分在華埠舉辦「家庭繽Fun嘉年華會」。除了為兒童、青少年、及家長提供一個歡樂的下午,主要目的是讓大家學習到家庭的價值。活動包括: 木偶表演,青少年徵文比賽投票,攤位遊戲,手工藝坊,藝術展覽,和禮品派發。這是一個免費的雙語活動 (英文和中文),歡迎擁躍參加 !

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