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White Branch

孩子的分享 -- Chris, 您有一封信


Jeffrey Huang





回顧九年前,我十五歲的時候,我是基本上不想呆在家裡甚至想離家出走。因為媽媽整天不是罵就是埋怨。語言上的暴力,一點都不亞於行為上的暴力。 自從媽媽學了“親子課程”和其它課程後,與我的相處態度有很大的轉變。她不再專橫武斷而是願意聽我說。 我開始有很多機會說出自己的想法並得到尊重。 我們互相了解更多並,無話不說。 我非常喜歡我們現在的關係。 現在的我任何時後都想由衷地跟父母說『我愛您』!

五年前,當我第一年在大學時,我非常的不適應,人很迷茫低落。不知道要選什麼課和專業,曾經想過退縮。在哪段特別艱難的日子,幸虧有爸爸媽媽的陪伴和鼓勵, 讓我相信自己有能力完成學業。在他們巨大的愛和包容下,我終於大學畢業了。 如果沒有爸媽的改變和支持,我是絕對不可能有勇氣和精力去應付如此艱難的理工科課程並在畢業後馬上找到一份很滿意的工作。這讓我充滿自信和感恩!
在感恩我的父母的同時,更想感恩Chris 您!如果沒有您,沒有『和諧家庭協進會』,就不可能有我們今天這樣開心的家庭。 謝謝您!

Jeffrey Huang


September 14, 2018
Dear Chris and Family Harmony,

This will be my first time joining the walkathon and also the first-time donating money from my own salary.

Chris, I always wanted to express my respect to you and Family Harmony. Before meeting you, my mom did not have the chance to learn to communicate with me. Now, because you have made the change in her, she has also driven my change. This makes for better self at home and towards other people.

When I was 15 years old, which was nine years ago, we had nothing to talk about at home. I even wanted to run away from home to avoid hearing the violet language. NOW, we can say whatever we want with no secrets. We understand each other more and there is no need to speak up. I love the relationship we have now more than ever. I love my parents very much!

Five years ago, it was my first year at college. I was overwhelmed with no target. I used to think about giving up but fortunately, mom and dad have been with me to go over all the difficulty and their constant encouraging and companionship helped me stick to the end. Now I have graduated and have found a very good job.

Without you and Family Harmony, we would never have had such a good mom and dad and very happy family! Tank you very much Chris!


Jeffrey Huang



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